GIMEG Travellife Aerotex Zeltteppich dunkelgrau 250x600cm

Artikel-Nr. 9410430

  • Atmungsaktiv, schmutzabweisend sowie wasser- und wetterfest
  • Optimaler Laufkomfort
  • Isolierende Wirkung
  • Einfach zu säubern
  • 2 Jahre Garantie
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With the Travellife Aerotex tent carpet you will keep your feet dry and your tent’s surface clean. Besides being dirt resistant, the material is also fully water and weather proof. Travellife tent carpets will provide comfort to your feet!  Comfortable tent carpet  When you go for a camping trip a comfortable tent carpet is a must-have. The Aerotex tent carpet from Travellife is manufactured using 100% recycled jute material and can be recycled once again after its full lifespan, so it has an excellent durability! You can basically place a tent carpet on the bare surface of your tent or awning, but you can also see it combined together with a ground sheet or eco-cloth. Any dirt or sand will pass through the tent carpet and end up on the ground sheet. This way you just need to sweep up all the sand at the end of your trip!

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